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Top Tips for Organic Followers

I get asked quite often “How can I gain lots of followers on social media?” so i thought I’d share my top tips!

There is a huge divide with people buying their followers and those that gain them organically.

I always recommend gaining your followers organically, this is because your organic audience are those that will be bringing you business, they’ll be recommending you to others and engaging with you.

There is no magic wand that can make you a digital success overnight, but with consistent content it will gradually grow. Of course there are things you can do to help it, here are my top tips:

•Hashtags - People interested in a certain subject are more likely to search for hashtags which relate to that field, which extends your reach and could potentially bring you in new followers.

•Location- By adding your location e.g ‘Brighton beach’ to your posts, other people searching for that location or also adding photos at the same location are able to see your posts.

•Competitions- Everyone loves a freebie, so this tip works wonders! Running Like, Comment & Share

competitions not only gives your business exposure and followers but quite often ends in sales too.

•Posting at peak times- With a busy work schedule, updating your social media can sometimes take a back seat (which is where my job role comes in). Ensure you’re uploading at peak times to hit a higher audience!

If you have any questions or want me to go in any greater detail on my tips please comment underneath.

Thank you for reading!


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