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Hallelujah Instagram are fixing their algorithm!

It was announced yesterday that after almost 2 years, Instagram would be addressing people’s concerns with their feeds!

Originally when you scrolled through your feed you’d see posts chronologically,

this meant if someone uploaded a photo 1 minute ago, that’s what you’d see first.

Currently the algorithm is affecting many businesses/influencers as their posts aren’t reaching their maximum audience, instead our news feeds are mixing posts from days ago with new content.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s liked a photo and then realised it was uploaded 4 days ago and suddenly panic kicks & you’re worried you’ll look a stalker!

The changes being brought in by Instagram will ensure that newer posts will be more likely to appear in first in your feed!

Along with changing their algorithm, they’re also testing a ‘New Post’ button which lets you choose when you want your feed to refresh.

From both a business & personal perspective I think these changes will be welcomed by everyone!


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