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This photo is proof that brows speak louder than words.

When i first visited The Lanes Health & Beauty in Brighton 4 years ago, my brows were basically non- existent after years of over-plucking.

My brow process included many months of following a regrowth program, which meant even when i couldn't bare to look at myself in the mirror because they were SO overgrown, i still couldn't use the tweezers! I have shown more commitment to my brow therapists over the years than i have to any boyfriend I've ever had!

Having the perfect arch has now become one of the most popular beauty treatments in the world! I thought I'd share my brow experience with you to give hope to anybody with sparse brows looking for a miracle!

Firstly in my consultation we discussed my 'Brow Goals' including thickness, shape and colour.

The brand 'High Definition' live by the ethos that brows are as individual as fingerprints, which means that each step of HD Brows process is completely tailored to you.

Next my brows were measured, and i was shown where my brows should start, where my arch should be and where my tail should end. As I'm quite dark naturally, we decided to go for a 'Dark Brown' & 'Natural Black' High Definition tint to match my hair colour.

Then came the shaping which consisted of tweezing, waxing, threading and trimming all of which i found totally painless due to their professional and gentle manner.

My favourite part of the whole process was the ending, i was shown how to fill in my brows professionally so that while they were growing in between appointments they still looked salon perfect.

I visit my brow therapist Kayleigh every 4 weeks, she will always listen to any changes i want to make and without a doubt i leave completely in love with my new brows!


For brows that WOW book in for High Definition Brows £30 at:

The Lanes Health & Beauty,

5 Market Street,




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